Real Estate World – 4 everyone?

Anyone should be able to afford a piece of Real Estate. How is this possible in a society where the middle class is shrinking year after year and buying your dream home, even when you make an average income, seems to remain exactly what it is…a dream?

There might be a cure to this madness… Smart investment contracts are created on the blockchain and hence open up a whole new world for investments and rights to assets through digital tokens. How? High-caliber speakers from DLA Piper, iDwell, and Black Manta will be giving an insight into the digital progress that has been made in Real Estate as a whole – from drawing up to signing a (smart) contract, and tackling the aspects of Money Laundering in the Real Estate Business.

I believe digitization of services will be a predominate topic in the next decade. We have seen this trending for a few years now. Once people have identified the benefit of the new technology for them it will also become an inherent part of the legal sector. Real estate law could be one the “first movers”, together with the legal financing sector. As I have already represented clients in both sectors, this will be very interesting and thrilling times to come. Can’t wait to do more projects and simplify life for clients. Looking forward to our event to talk to you about the coming changes.

Christoph Urbanek, Partner / DLA Piper

“The world is becoming more and more transparent. Driven by digitized services, online transactions and less and less cash transactions. The world isn’t perfect and there will always be loopholes for black sheep. However, monitoring wire transfers by authorities is easier than ever and therefore Money Laundering requires a more and more sophisticated approach – despite crypto currencies. Question is: are the national and international regulations the adequate means to catch the big fish or will they just make the life of the man on the street unnecessarily more complicated? At DLA Piper, I am confronted with these issues and questions on a daily basis. Thrilled to tell you my point of view on the clash of the digitized vs analog Anti Money Laundering world.

Thomas Kralik, Head of White Collar Crime / DLA Piper

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