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Short description:

The finance industry was among the early adopters of AI and machine learning. In this meetup, we want to look behind the scenes and show use-cases from various AI applications within finance.

Hosted by AI Austria 

Location: Reitersaal in the Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG, Strauchgasse 3, 1010 Vienna

Time: Tuesday, 19th November from 7-10pm

Max attendees: 100


  • AI showcased by 
    • Anna Bacher (CTO, Jaroona)
    • Russell Perry (Founder & CEO, Kompany)
    • Doron Reuter (Head Business Development – Advanced Analytics, ING)
    • Lukas Vrabel (Co-Founder, ACAI.AI)
    • Jürgen Faè (CEO, Commitly)

  • Expert Panel on state of AI in Finance
    • Michael Eder (CDO, VOEST High Performance Metals International)
    • Vjekoslav Bonic (Head of Advanced Analytics & AI, RBI)
    • Doron Reuter (Head Business Development – Advanced Analytics, ING)
    • Ali Aram (Partner Technology & Insurance, EY Austria)
    • Moderated by Dejan Jovicevic (CEO, Der Brutkasten)


  • 7pm Welcome by AI Austria
  • 7:05pm ING
  • 7:20pm Jaroona
  • 7:35pm Kompany
  • 7:50pm ACAI.AI
  • 8:05pm Commitly
  • 8:15pm State of AI in Finance – Panel discussion
  • 9:00pm Networking & Ausklang

Language: English

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