Is Financial Literacy enough?

The one who knows how to handle one’s money, knows how to handle one’s future… is that how the saying goes? Living in the 21st century with all the (marketing & fake news) noise, infoxication (information overload), (real estate) price strikes et al. is challenging enough… now, the question is… is financial literacy enough? Or […]

Real Estate World – 4 everyone?

Anyone should be able to afford a piece of Real Estate. How is this possible in a society where the middle class is shrinking year after year and buying your dream home, even when you make an average income, seems to remain exactly what it is…a dream? There might be a cure to this madness… […]

ING: “Wir sehen Fintechs als Partner, nicht als Konkurrenz”

Doppelinterview: Im Exklusivgespräch mit dem brutkasten gaben Olivier Guillaumond, Global Head of Fintechs bei ING, und Gerald Resch, Generalsekretär des österreichischen Bankenverbandes, spannende Einblicke in die Zusammenarbeit von Fintechs und Banken. Herr Guillaumond, Sie haben einen Doktortitel in Astrophysik und einen MBA in Finance. Wie passt das zusammen? Guillaumond: Ich wollte mich damals noch nicht entscheiden, denn […]

FinTechWeek Vienna 2018

7 days, 11 venues, 13 events – last year’s FinTechWeek in a nutshell. It covered a Hackathon, FMA Regulatory explanations, Blockchain’s history and legal aspects, and a deep-dive into Austria’s FinTech ecosystem by our own leading FinTechs and attracted more than 1000 FinTech Enthusiasts from Austria, Western & CEE, and even New York! Both female and male  international top-notch leaders […]