FinTech Collaboration Safari hosted by Accenture Austria

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Short Description/Agenda:

Showcasing rising Startups in the FinTech ecosystem with track record in collaboration projects with incumbents

From Global to Local: Bringing international expertise from the global Accenture Network in successful Financial Services (and related industries) collaborations to the local Austrian market.

All the presented cases will bring views from startups and corporates on collaboration success factors, international banking innovations, how to set up pilots, overcome challenges and scale beyond POCs.

Host & Partners:
Accenture and participants from their global Partner and FinTech Network including for instance FinTech Innovation Labs in Hong Kong, New York or London (Participants tbd – stay tuned)

Hosted by: Accenture Austria

Location: Online

Time: Monday, 3rd May from 10:00 – 12:30

Language: English

All Fintechweek events are free of charge – due to further coordination processes, deviations in the time may still occur.

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