FinTech Hackathon 2019

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The moment when explorers, innovators and developers challenge the traditional finance and banking landscape is when the FinTech Hackathon 2019 starts!

Be part of a team who challenges the industry and reshapes the future of banking financial behavior. This is your opportunity to create unique ideas, prototypes, teams or even a Startup.

The goal is to create innovative solutions to solve the challenges below. Those solutions are not limited to prototypes, click dummies or mocked services. Therefore, we really encourage you to work with the data our partners are providing. If you are passionate, curious, always looking for a challenge and already think about solutions how to tackle them – this Hackathon is for you. On top of the exciting experience, highly valuable prizes are waiting for you.

The Challenges

  • Challenge 1 | Individualization in investments – what is YOUR big idea? In today’s world we expect tailor made offers in every aspect of our life. Yet investments are an attractive but sometimes complicated alternative for people. How can you make investments a cool personalized experience? How can you make this experience meaningful and fun to do?
  • Challenge 2 | Banking & insurance? FINALLY I get it! Financial literacy is an important topic in a society where knowledge is divided into diverse and unequal ways. How can you explain basic financial knowledge and the importance of insurance to kids but also adults?
  • Challenge 3 |  We’ll Live to 100 – How Can We Afford It? Not saving today means risking our standards of living in retirement. One cause is limited transparency and awareness of retirement income and how to manage a potential gap. Develop solutions which facilitate and incentivize pension savings of private individuals.
  • Challenge 4 | We care – How can we support environmental engagement of our customers? Use financial behavior to engage in saving the planet. Environmental mindfulness and sustainability is more and more influencing customers decisions for specific products and services. Develop solutions that help and incentivize individuals & corporates to contribute to a sustainable ecological development via their financial behavior.
  • Challenge 5 | Megatrend Connectivity – Year 2019 is the year of Open Banking in Europe thanks to PSD2. Banks are opening up and discovering new ways to connect with customers, fintechs and other industry players, using APIs. Raiffeisen Bank International is constantly looking for ideas that will connect new partners and multiple markets in order to bring better products and services based on APIs. Our main goal is to thrill the customers through superior customer experience. As a part of the challenge, you can use any of the Open APIs available on the web, on our API marketplace, or prototype new APIs that Raiffeisen Bank International could offer in the future.

Hosted by: Talent Garden Vienna

Location: Talent Garden Vienna, Liechtensteinstrasse 111-119

Time: Friday, 22nd Nov. from 4:30pm until Sunday, 24th Nov. 7pm

Partners/speakers: UniCredit Bank Austria, BAWAG PSK, BAWAG PSK Versicherung, RBI

Language:  English

Agenda: Please see more information here

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