Is Financial Literacy enough?

The one who knows how to handle one’s money, knows how to handle one’s future… is that how the saying goes? Living in the 21st century with all the (marketing & fake news) noise, infoxication (information overload), (real estate) price strikes et al. is challenging enough… now, the question is… is financial literacy enough? Or is it just the foundation of the digital world that we are currently living in? Is Tech Literacy becoming the new twin of Financial Literacy?

Join us for a thought-provoking event with the following speakers:

“We live in a financial world that is faster and more digital than ever before. Learned behaviors and ground rules that have worked for generations are becoming obsolete. Starting at a very young age, money puts a lot of stress on us. Young people feel overwhelmed and pressured, which leads to decisions with fatal results for them. Still the basic skills to handle personal finances are not being taught.”

Alexandra Wolk / Three Coins, Head of Product Development & Strategic Partnerships

“Almost a quarter of young adults aged between 18 and 29 years in Austria doesn’t feel fit enough to make important economic decisions. Two-thirds of young adults want a security net for important monetary decisions. What are the reasons for these results?”

Markus Gremmel / BAWAG Group, Head of Marketing & Products

“The future of our economy belongs to technology and Austria is home to numerous high-tech companies from the industrial sector as well as new deep tech startups. These companies are driven by technology at least as much as they are by business. A sound knowledge of business AND technology is therefore crucial to succeed within or in business or interaction WITH these companies. So how much knowledge about technology in its depth is mandatory working in financial fields such as controlling, accounting or business analysis?”

Gerd Krizek / FH Technikum Wien, Head of Department Applied Mathematics and Physics, Deputy Head of Teaching and Learning Center

“The lack of financial literacy hurts Austrian savers as well as it hurts the Austrian economy. The first ones lose appr. 5 billions per year due to inflation, the latter ones lose much needed capital. The presentation will provide a short insight into the status quo of financial behavior and its consequences. After that, the focus will be on new ways in that area trying to define principals for modern financial communication such as story-telling, user involvement or gamification.”

Markus Fallenböck / Own Austria, CEO

“Both aspiring and actual investors find themselves confronted with risk and uncertainty when it comes to financial decision-making. In an increasingly complex environment, financial literacy by itself does not suffice as an investment-decision tool anymore. Closing the gap between financial and technical literacy becomes crucial in order to be successful as a company and as an investor likewise.”

Andreas Kern / Wikifolio, Founder & CEO

“What does it take to change people’s financial behavior for the better? Most people know that actively building financial puffers would be important for their financial health. Similarly, like they know, that eating healthier food and doing more exercise is good for their body. But most people prioritize the present over the future, even if that means excessive spending to the detriment of longer-term savings. Could nudging be an answer to help people improve their financial habits?”

Martin Granig / Monkee, Co-Founder

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