Special Event: Reverse Pitching and Speeddating | Corporate meets StartUp, Part1

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Short description: 

When FinTech started to disrupt the traditional banking sector, it used to be regarded as the foe rather than the friend in the eyes of incumbents. This changed drastically once both parties realized that opportunities lie in actual collaboration and cooperation. Today, there are many examples in the world where FinTechs help corporates close gaps with eg. a better UX and/or faster software deployment into the market. Come join us for the public part where experts discuss the challenges and opportunities they ‘ve encountered through collaboration, and come listen to the Incumbents’ reverse pitches. That’s right, we are turning the tables for this special event. 

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Location: Talent Garden Austria; Liechtensteinstraße 111-115, 1090 Wien

Time: Friday, 22nd November, from 10:00am – 1:30pm

Max attendees: 100


  • Jasmin Moradzadeh (Program Management, aws Connect)
  • Markus Schreiber (Leiter Business Marketing, A1 Telekom)
  • Markus Pejacsevich (Business Development, Salamantex)
  • Nick Platjouw (Account Executive, Backbase)
  • Dominik Starcevic (Product Owner & Projektleiter, BKS Bank)
  • Moderated by Dejan Jovicevic (CEO, Der Brutkasten)

Reverse Pitches:

  • Tamara Valdo, RBI
  • Vera Steiner, Hutchison Drei Austria  
  • Alexander Pexider, Unicredit Bank Austria 
  • Eric Clements, Easybank
  • Patrick Pirchegger, A1 Telekom
  • Dominik Starcevic, BKS Bank


  • PART1
  • 10:00 Kick-off by AWS 
  • 10:10 Expert Discussion 
  • 10:50 Reverse pitches of banks and corporates
  • 11:15 Break
  • PART2
  • 11:30 Speeddating
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Special info to attendees: 

This is a special event that focuses on the collaboration and cooperation between FinTechs & Incumbents. This first part of the Event is public and everyone can sign up.

Please see the second part of the Event for further details.

Language: English

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